27 Oct 2011

What We Are All About

Interzona 42 is an independent collective of young travelers that want to do good for those most in need!
It is in African countries (as everybody knows) where the populations still go through very hard conditions of life: no money for education; sexual transmitted diseases and epidemics; no running or clean water; severe climate change and no tools to fight against it; lack of electricity and information; poverty; pollution and corruption! Although they have the strength in their spirits that is unbreakable to all adversities!

We admire them!
We think our time and effort are more important and more appreciated in the poorest corners of the world! Instead of sharing our dreams with the European society where we were raised, 
(with whom we, inevitably, have so much in common) 
we believe that it is in the, so called, under development nations, where we can fulfill our goals and achieve Happiness!

We are not doctors, so the help we can give to these people is one of sharing and trading experience,
little by little,
everything counts and can slowly change the karma of the planet
against those who lost track of the natural laws and rather take than give!
In these expeditions we did by land we took a lot of material given to us by the NGO Bambini Nel Deserto
We also developed our own personal project which is:

- A Solar-Energy Powered Itinerant Cinema
to be brought to little isolated villages, 
with animated cartoons for children and documentaries for adults,
for people that don't take life for granted and comprehend how frail it can be,
we want to offer them a show they have never seen
and we did it!

All other projects are welcome and we are developing many more 
in order to feed their brains and stimulate their ideas
through culture, music, art, theater, dance and the moving image
we intend to unite the world in Peace, Love and Understanding!

Thank You!

You can also watch the Truck For Afrika video here:

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  1. grazie d tt davide bortot ... stima assoluta x ció che fate e avete fatto x qsta povera gente ...auguro un bel bocca in lupo a te e alla tua crew e spero che prima o poi c rivedremo... la tua macchinetta é in buone mani ;D