9 Mar 2013

Carovana2013(((=Road to Nouakchott=)))

From Italy to Mauritania (and Mali inshallah...),
in collaboration with Pam Young's "Village Ventures" developing new project (house for childern without family+SOLAR RADIO STATION) in Mauritanian Capital...Solar Cinema is always with us!!!
In this moment the Convoy is on the road, we drove trough Spain and Morocco (5 days=2379km), at the moment we are in Agadir. More info comig soon (with pictures)!!! Stay tuned!!! 42.

FOR  INFO/JOIN US/QUESTIONS  CONTACT US AT:    afrika42free@yahoo.it

22 March 2013, Nouakchott, Sahara Desert, Mauritania.
Today we reach Nouakchott, 5700 km done! Now the work begin...
Crossing the "NO man's land"(between morocco and mauritania there are a few kilometers with mine and no-road and NO LAW) we found a strange situation...9 Congo people are stucked there since 4 months!!! The maroccans and mauritanians refuse them to entry so they are living in the middle of nowhere...we will be back there in 2/3 weeks with a  "NoMan's Land Cinema Night"!!! What we can do now is just tell their story...and try to understand better what happen to them before...
unluckely internet here still not good so we will attach more picture as soon as possible...